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The camp in Germany was organised by Rotary International and was simply beautiful. I not only met new friends from various countries, but also learned how to fly a glider. I had a lot of fun during my 2 week stay in Rhön National Park, Germany.

Rhön is a very large national park in the east of Frankfurt. Its landscape, which is mostly made up of long trees, is marvelous. The area is quite hilly and has an elevation of 900m from sea level. There is a small airfield at the Wasserkuppe and this is the place where we spent most of our days during our stay in Germany.

About 25 people between the ages of 16 and 23 attended this camp. We all learned the basics of glider flying and created had a new hobby as we departed. While some got the chance to fly on their own (without instructors sitting at the back seat), some couldn't, partially because of the rain we had in the first week since glider flying becomes very dangerous in bad weather.

When I started meeting new people, one of my worries was "How will I learn all these strange new names?" and I thought I would leave the camp without knowing some friends' names. That was certainly not the case, however I learned most names after the first week.


Several interesting points about the camp:


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The Group Unfortunately, I do not have a photo of the whole group.
The Swamp We went to a swamp which is the habitat for many different organisms and is under protection.
Lake We swam in a lake close to the youth hostel in which we stayed.
Border The remains of a section of the border between West and East Germany
From the sky You can find some nice pictures in this section about the primary activity of the camp
A sunset The picture of a sunset taken from the garden of the youth hostel.

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