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My recent emphasis is on developing models for the simulation of polymer chains and on the survey of recent polymer technology journals.  I am undetaking addtional project work whenever possible in order to further my knowledge of the immense subjects of polymer science and engineering. Accurately evaluating my options at Bogazici University, I had the chance to work in the following areas in the last few months.

        In addition to the above optional studies, I have carried out extensive team based and individual project work on core chemical engineering topics during my studies at Bogazici University. Most of thefollowing projects I presented have received extraordinary grades due to my profound interest and willingness to undertake additonal work in self development.

         Detailed survey of the petroleum refining industry (Che110)

         Fortran programming for flash calculations and modeling of equations of states (Che211)

         Realistic piping design (Che232)

         In depth survey of recent journals on polymer technologies, and detailed study of selected articles (Che310)

         Modeling of vapor-liquid equilibrium in Matlab, including dew, bubble point calculations of real systems (Che321)

         Heat exchanger design including 3d heat conduction (Che333)

         Design of multi-component packed bed distillation column employing Matlab (Che334)

         Reactor design and simulation using Polymath (Che342)

         Modeling of chemical engineering systems and explicit-implicit solutions of ODE's with Matlab (Che386)

         Modeling and design of polymer conformations with Matlab (Che413)

         Battery limits design of a cyclohexane plant, in addition to highly detailed reactor, seperation and piping designs for other processes based on detailed models and industrial surveys (Che433)


Please feel free to contact me for details of the above work.

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