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         I devote majority of my time to my studies at Bogazici University. I am currently specializing in the area of polymers, complementing the strong chemical engineering skills I have attained at Bogazici University. These pages are aimed to aid people that do not know very much about engineering as well as interest those immersed in the subject.

        To begin with, if you want to know what chemical engineering exactly is, the following sites offer guides:

        The chemical engineering department of Bogazici University is recognized by ABET, and is considered the number one chemical engineering department in Turkey. For admission to the very selective university, I placed in the 99.82 percentile among high school graduate students in the Turkish centralized university entrance exam. You can learn more about the OSS test here:


        My Academic Goals

        My future goals are to specialize further in the area of polymers and to carry out research at a graduate level. I find polymers to be a very interesting area that will complement my solid background in chemical engineering perfectly. My interest in the subject arouse first by my observations in ACHEMA 2003. After my internships at BASF, my mind was set on the goal of specializing in polymer technologies, regardless of what difficulties may emerge. 

        There are so many areas for advancement in polymers that the research oppurtunities seem endless. Polymers have applications in all aspect of our daily lives, from what the clothes we wear to the cars we drive. The world is undergoing a continous change as new polymeric materials are discovered and processing methods are improved each day. From molecular simulations to the study of processing methods, there are so many areas I am eager to work on while pursuing a PhD degree on the subject. 

        The connections of the immense research area of polymers with other disciplines is another driving force for my wanting to specialize in the subject. While some of the research on the subject goes on together with medicine and molecular biology, some is related intricately with materials science. Biopolymers and tissue engineering are other subject that baffle me and form my interests on the way to developing an academic career.

        My academic work in chemical engineering and my personal development follows next...


        A Presentation of My Academic Background



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