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Bogazici University is located on the European side of Istanbul at Rumeli Hisarustu, overlooking the bosphorus. Formerly Robert College, Bogazici University is known to give a very challenging, open ended education in all sciences. The highly selective university only accepts the best students from the top high schools of the country. Moreover, especially the engineering programs stay constantly demanding for even the brightest students, creating an environment of intense challenges. Following are some links to the university

Due to its selected position overlooking the beautiful bosphorus, the south campus of the university offers excellent views of Istanbul. The following is a pictorial tour of the university.


View from the Engineering roof: the Bosphorus and the asian side

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A panoromic view of south campus (use the mouse to view)


View from Rumeli Campus towards the Science (left) and Engineering 
(right) buildings


A picture on the engineering roof with friends from the ChE class of 2004


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