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        The city of London remains my favourite even after all the cities I visited in Europe. There is a perfect balance of nature and history in this city by the river Thames. I only had a weekend to spend in London, which definately was not enough because of all the immense museums. I spent hours browsing through the huge collections of the British, Victori&Albert, Natural History and Science Museum, all of which are free. I have a grwonig desire to return to this city booming with culture and revisit these museums without any time constraints.
        Besides all the cultural opportunities the city possess, there is a vibrant night life in London. I did not have time to live it all so I cannot make any proper suggestions but I can say you won't be bored if you go to this marvelous city. I must present my thanks to Can who showed me the best sights of the city in my limited time.

Globe theatre

St. Paul's Cathedral

Westminster area


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