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        Edinburgh is one of the finest cities I have seen during my travels in Great Britain. It is identified as the capital of Scotland by many, and although I haven't seen Glasgow, I must agree that it should be the capital. The city is very touristical wtih a lot to see. It has a very warm and pleasant atmosphere and the people are very friendly.
        The old city of Edinburgh is quite small and after walking along the Royal Mile and visiting several museums including the Whiskey Heritage Center (definately a must see), the nearby natural beauties caught my eye. I ended up climbing Arthur's seat, a hill very close to the city, with a whiskey bottle in my 10kg backpack. But it was worth the pain, because of the view I got and also the beauty of the landscape. I also visited the nearby craigmillar castle after a strenous walk by the "innocent railway" (the first railway in Scotland, wagons were pulled by horses). I must admit that I enjoyed the city very much and would like to return to it one day.

View of City from Caste

National monuments

Craigmillar Castle

      -  One suggestion that I must make is that you should obtain English Heritage membership if you plan to visit more than a few historic places in Great Britain. The cost of membership is more than accounted for, especially if you are a student like myself.

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