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        Alaska is definately the most fascinating place I have ever been. It is a must see place for everyone who loves nature. I stayed in Alaska for two weeks in the summer of 2002 with my family, moving from city to city, engaging in exciting activites we could only dream about before.

        We had an amazing time seeing all the wonderfully different places in Alaska. We spent some time in the beautiful Denali National Park, which houses Noth America's highest mountain Mt. McKinley. I have an inherent excitement about high mountains and couldn't help think to myself that maybe one day I would be returning to the park as part of a climbing  expedition. Besides visiting Denali NP, we saw some of the glaciers. We also went fishing, white water rafting and took a nature scenery tour with a ship. I will try to explain the pictures below. Remeber that you can access larger versions by clicking on the pictures.     

In front of a beaver dam

A moose sighting

Undergrowth of the Rainforest

A grizzly bear


The biggest Halibut onboard

A long dusk

An Alaskan sunset

Some Murray on rocks

Sun bathing sea lions

A beautiful lake

With my family above a lake


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