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Other Music
The Selection of the
Best Midi Files

These are the other music files I like, but have not catogarized.


Song Description

Can You Fell the Love Tonight A beautiful song by Elton John. 4:03
Because you loved me A song by Brian Adams 4:35
Please forgive me A song by Brian Adams 6:05
Heaven A song by Brian Adams 4:10
Dark Shore Quite a nice tune. Sounds scary to me a little. 6:25
Fly like an Eagle By Seal, great songf but the midi is not very good. 4:05
Run Away Train A really good song. 4:06
Don't go Nice. 3:42
Wonderwall This song by Oasis used to be very popular. 3:50
Don't let the sun go down on me A great song by Elton John and George Micheal. 4:11
All that she wants A classical song that used to play in dance clubs... 3:26


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