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The Selection of the
Best Midi Files



Song Description

7Th Guest The full collection of chilling tunes from Trilobyte's video game, 7th Guest. Written by The Fat Man. This zipped has 69 segments, most of which are not music. This is a another good example of how MIDI can be used in a game. (Suite)
Age of Empires
Game Music 1
Game Music 2
Game Music 3
Game Music 4
Game Music 5
Game Music 6
Game Music 7
Game Music 8
Game Music 9
Losing Sequence
Opening Sequence
Winning Sequence
The complete, captivating and original soundtrack to the incredible realtime strategy game, Age of Empires. Created by Ensemble Studios and published by Microsoft Games. All sequences expertly written by David and Stephan Rippy.
Death Gate
Full soundtrack from Death Gate by Legend Entertainment. Death Gate is a classic with very good music tracks. Unfortunately, none are named. (Suite)
Demons This tune would go well with a Doom style game. It was written by Michael D. Walthius. If you like his music, find out more information about him by clicking here. 6:18
Lands of Lore The complete soundtrack of the legendery FRP game. The musics are simply great. Suite
Prince of Persia 2 Soundtrack from Prince of Persia 2 Suite
X-Wing Soundtrack from the X-Wing game by Lucas Arts Suite
Monkey Island Complete Soundtrack from Monkey Island by Lucas Arts Suite
Monkey Island 2 A single tune from Monkey Island 2 by Lucas Arts 1:58
Dune 2 Complete Soundtrack from Dune 2 by Westwood Studious Suite
Warcraft 2 Complete Soundtrack from Warcraft 2 by Billizard Entertainment. It has amazing songs. Suite
Legend of Kyrandia Sountrack from the game by Westwood Studious Suite
Hand of Fate Sountrack from the game by Westwood Studious Suite


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