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Here, you can find many links in different catagories. I hope this page aids you in the endless search of the immense internet.


My brother also has a webpage, which is mostly about mechanical engineering and bird watching and. It is a must see:

You can click on section of your choice to go directly to it.

Nature and Wildlife

Defenders of Wild Life A great website trying to preserve wildlife.
Wild Life Network An appreciatable webpage.
National Geographic The great webpage of the popular magazine.
Doğal Hayatı Koruma Derneği The Society for the Protection of Nature.
Offical UAA Hiking Club Page A very nice hiking page with pictures about Turkey. Prepared by me.
Virtual Birding Pictures of birds online.
Animal Information Database A great resource of information on animal life.


XG by Yamaha The proffesional xg player page for high quality midi playback.
The Very Best Midi Dozens of midi files in different sections.
Akkiko This page not only has information on music, but also videos, stories and humor.


Free Photography Workshops A great Page on photography.
Free Backgrounds From HyperGold About 100 free backgrounds. I got some of my background from this website. Check it out.
Mike Bonnell's Wallpapers Great free computer generated wallpapers for different screen resolutions.


Art Comics A fun web site.
Chuck Jones If you have time, check out the official webpage of the creator of many comics characters like Bugs Bunny, Road Runner,...
Marionette Opera New England Marionette Opera
Royal London Wax Museum, Victoria, B.C. Canada If you cannot go to the famous Wax Museum, visit it online.

Free Online Services


Tripod Tripod offers you 11 mb of free space for your webpage. I think that it is an excellent service.
FortuneCity Another online service offering large free space for webpages.
LinkExchange Unhappy that nobody visits your site. This link is the key to being popular.
Xoom It offers not only free space but also services life free chat rooms.
Vantage-net Have polls for free on your webpage. Very practical.
Parachat Add a chatroom to your webpage and let it be the gathering place of your friends.
Web Animator This service creates free animated banners for you.
Hot Bot Another free service provider.
Geocities Although it has started to slow down a little, still a popular website giving away free webspace.
Yastrologer You can get daily information on your horoscope from this web service of Yahoo!
Yahoo! Free e-mail accounts and extensive search of the internet.
Hot Mail Free e-mail service.


How to keep an idiot busy? Wonder what this page is about?
Why Chocolate is better than sex Gives you pretty good reasons. Moreover, there are many other sections which make this the best humor site I have ever seen.
Akkiko This site has some humorous stuff.

Research and Education

Seeing, Hearing and Smelling the World

"Seeing, Hearing, and Smelling the World guides us on a journey into the fascinating world of the senses and the nervous system, where researchers are working to understand problems of great potential benefit."
Purnell W. Choppin, M.D.
Newton's Apple Education Aimed website.
Animal Info Database A great deal of information on animals.
IQ tests, personality tests and
entrepreneurial tests
If you are interested in tests, visit this page.
It has many choices.

Computers and Gaming


First computer game The first computer game of the world, created in 1961, was remade in java. Play it on this site.
Games Domain Downloads, reviews, pathes, any thing on computer games.
Happy Puppy Downloads, reviews, pathes, any thing on computer games.
Westwood Studious The Offical Westwood Studious Page.
Lucasarts The Offical Lucasarts Page.


Gourmet Spot Start from this link and you will have seen the best of what internet has to say on food. This iste was very good links in various catogories (recipies, drinks, restaurants, ethnic foods, etc.)
Epicurious A nice archieve of recipies with full information.
The Kitchen Link For thoso who like eating. Really good site.
Digital Chef This site has a lot to say; giving you recipies, shopping advice, etc.
SOAR Archive of Recipes This site has 38065 recipes with powerful search feature.

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