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        This hike was arranged in January. Keltepe is also known as Kartepe and is near Sapanca. It was the first snow hike and yet, one of the most entertaining hikes ever. We were all dressed up in thick layers of clothing, prepared for cold. We had many snow fights and so couldn't go as far as we had planned. However, the views we saw were magnificent. Hiking in snow is a lot different than hiking in normal weather conditions; it was really hard to climb the mountain in snow. There was some fog on the way downand we were definitely very lucky to have started the long way down in time.
        Nature is very beautiful when all of its flaws are hidden by snow. You see a whole different and interesting view when you look around. It was a really quiet hike. To tell the truth, it was the most peaceful and relaxing hike I had ever participated in. It is just beautiful to lay on snow and watch the beautiful sight.

        Here is a picture  of our hiking group taken right after a snow fight, on the way up.

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