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Erikli Yaylası

        Erikli Yaylası is a beautiful place near Istanbul. We were planning to go up to a very large waterfall. The path up to the waterfall is beautiful and follows a river. We had a hard time crossing the river and we got a little wet but it was still an entertaining hike, though we never got to see the waterfall. We followed the river to a highland and had lunch there. By the way, we never got to sea the large highland this place is named after. After that, we tried to go to the waterfall. We followed a very fast flowing river, in the guidence of a few experienced campers, for 100-200 meters. While doing so, we not only crossed the river many times, but also most of us got very wet. We managed to get pretty close to the waterfall but could not actually sea it because the water level was too high. Due to the limit of time, we tried to be satisfied with just the incredible sounds we heard. The following picture shows the river which flowed by the road to the highland.


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